Sorry for the late update, spare time is something that is really rare these days… But finally a moment spared to catch up!

The first weekend in November it was time for dogshows again, both in Sweden and Denmark.
Renata and I went to Herning, a crazy trip as usual. 😉

On Saturday, Keiron & Britzyk went to Växjö INT show, judge was K-E Johansson. Keiron was placed BM-2 with CAC! Woop woop! 😀 Another CAC to his expanding collection, congrats Britzyk on this excellent result!

Also on Saturday I was in Herning, Denmark with Loki at the INT show. He behaved well, and was placed BM-2 with R-CAC and R-CACIB.
Renata showed Hugo to BOS and Danish CAC! Congrats! 🙂

Sunday was the day of Danish Winner Show, judge was Bo Skalin.

Entered from Lex Murphy was Primo (PK) and Loki and Keiron (CdE).
Primo did very well and really trotted his little but off, he placed 4th in a big champion class, but no CK this time.

Loki was again placed BM-2 with R-CAC and R-CACIB, and Keiron got Exc1 with CK in Junior class and took home the FIRST WINNER TITLE to Lex Murphy!!! Danish Junior Winner, WOHOOO! 😀 Happiness! 😀
Thank you again Britzyk for the love and passion you put into “our” little baby boy, you are such a special team and greatness lies ahead! <3

So in conclusion this was a GREAT weekend, and Keiron (ES JCH DKJV-13 Lex Murphy Earthquake Effect) was the most successful of our babies again. 🙂 I’m so proud!!

Here are some pics from Herning: