Lava & Keios

Cirneco dell’Etna-litter 2012 
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Date of birth: 2012-05-11
Water broke at 19.28, contractions started at 19.37 and the first puppy was born at 20.03. Second puppy at 20.21 and the third at 20.35.  Then she rested fo 2 hours, and started pushing again. Puppy number 4 was born at 22.19, and the fifth at 22.42. Finally puppy number 6 was delivered at 22.52.

Puppy nr 1 2 3 4 5 6
Time of birth 20.03 20.21 20.35 22.19 22.42 22.52
Weight 334g 310g 317g 334g 293g 316g
Head/Rear first (H/R) H H R R R H
Gender male female male male female female

Sadly, puppy number five (ms Green) was weak, and had trouble breathing. Tried to suck out any fluids, but still she past away in just 2 hours.
On day 3, we lost Ms Blue by Fading Puppy syndrome. The following week, we thought our puppies would all die, because we could see symptoms that pointed to Canine Herpes. After the first two weeks with extra heat, extra hydration and around-the-clock watch with the puppies doing well and growing normally, we are starting to believe that the danger has past. It was most likely only a minor cold that gave them the runny noses and dehydration. 

Growth by day Mr Black Mr Purple Mr Yellow Ms Red
Birthweight 334 317 334 316
1 day  356 344 365 347
2 392 378 411 383
1 week 678 728  757  722 
2 weeks  1074 1081   1188 1064 
3 weeks  1360 1540 1529  1355 


What we hope for from this litter:
We hope that the puppies will get the color, coat, mentality, expression and drive from Lava, and the angulations, chest and ears from Keios.
That’s the wishlist. 😉

What is the thought behind this litter?
To contribute to the genetic variation in the Swedish genepool while keeping and developing the exceptionality of Lava.

Inbreed koeff: 2,9%  
Puppy pedigree:

SE UCH NO UCH SE V-11 NO V-11 Nord W-10 NORD JW-10

Colombian Friend’s Golden Pepper

7 Best of Breed, 26 BOS, 32 CAC, 13 cacib, 1xSBIS-3, 1xSBIS-2 Intermediate 
Cirneco Male of the year 2011 

Colombian Friend’s Chili Pepper Colombian Friend’s Golden Gift
Kimblewick Jill
Colombian Friend’s Golden Colombia Giltedged Reloaded
Iosono Milla Magia

FDI SE UCH NO UCH SE V-11 NO V-11 Nord V-11 FI W-10 & FI JW-10 NO W-10 Helsinki W-10 Helsinki JW-10

Chininas Ursula Un Uragano Lieve

47 Best of Breed, 44 CAC, 18 cacib, 2xSBIS-1 Intermediate, Group Winner, Several Group placements in SKC all breed shows
Cirneco of the year 2010 & 2011


Love Affair Of Double Star Gufo
Eega Beeva
Are But Not’s Fable N’ Fairytale Daveru d’Lea
Are But Not’s Adoreable Amber


^ Ultrasound from april 10th


Pictures of Lava with growing belly: