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Härja & Rocca

Puppies born 11th of June 2012, a bit earlier then expected.
Sadly, the 2 boys didn’t make it, but we are blessed with a gorgeous baby girl!

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Lassie Dar minulosti
Q-Eliásek Cerná Orchidej – Cilinka Dar Minulosti
~21,5 cm, ca 2,2kg
PL-status: 0/0
+Everything! Well, perhaps a bit weak ears. 🙂

Nejme’s Breaking All Rules

Gabriel Podskalske Dolejsi – Dixie Z Vysehradskeho Podhradi
~24cm, 2,4kg
+Well angulated, good teeth, bite, coat, color, size, super expression, mentality and movement.

Inbreed koeff: 6,1%
What we hope for from this litter:
We hope for exceptional puppies! We really believe that this combination has all ingredients necessary for excellent puppies to see the light. Two beautiful, healthy krysariks with wonderful pedigrees and mentality.
But then again, you never know, could become the opposite too. 😉

What is the thought behind this litter?
-We keep, develop and double the legacy of Dar minulosti with this litter.

Puppy pedigree:

Nejmes Breaking All Rules Gabriel Podskalske Dolejsi Atysek Dar Minulosti
Eliska Tarim
Dixie Z Vysehradskeho Podhradi Erik Od Hradu Bradlec
Dixi Kroe
Lassie Dar Minulosti Q-Eliásek Cerná Orchidej Enn Cerná Orchidej
Elis Bára Chov
Cilinka Dar Minulosti Lord Z Vysehradského Podhradi
Cyrilka Hekezi


Belly pics:

Härja day 42

Härja day 49