Tasso z Vysehradskeho Podhradi

Vilde is the love of my life, the “once in a lifetime”-dog.

He is so good looking, but sadly he is not for breeding. Still, he does an excellent job marketing the breed prazsky Krysarik. He is the first krysarik competing in official obedience, and the first competing in freestyle too!He has the most amazing patience with puppies, is a super hunter, knows many many tricks, is very intelligent, and he’s my BFF! =)

Vilde was born 2006-06-22 in prague, Czech Rep. Breeder: Jarmila Smahova

Vilde’s Results


Class 1: 26,65p, Q

Class 2: 19,95p, 22,35p



Off. LP1: 130,5p, 122,5p, 101p, 86p

unoff. LP1: 152,5p