Wow, I’m loss for words!!

Less than ONE week after Lava won the group at Eskilstuna INT, she’s once more placed in the group!! This time at Visby NAT All Breed KC show, by a judge totally unaware of Lava’s previous success (wich is just extra fun and flattering!): Mr George Schogol, Georgia. And he only shortlisted primitives!! You might be able to imagine the buzz around the finalring, when not a single spitz was shortlisted… 😉
And the final placing in the group on Saturday was as such: 1- Basenji, 2- Cirneco, 3- Xolo, 4- Pharaoh.

 On Sunday, Primo was also entered. He won BOB and CAC from Junior class with excellent critique! =) (But since it was an international dogshow, krysarik isn’t allowed to participate in the finals, wich isn’t logical at all since the finals always are unofficial competitions… It’s really weird, because we pay the same entering fees as everyone else. NOT FAIR!!!) 🙁

Lava got super critique from esteemed judge Dr. Göran Bodegård, and in the finals she was shortlisted (top-7) but not placed. I’m happy for the shortlisting of course, but a liiittle bit sad that she wasn’t placed since it was the same judge that put her in 1st place just one week ago… hm. 😉 

But, just to be clear: We feel VERY priviledged and happy that our dogs got these super results this weekend! Couldn’t be happier!!!  😀 😀


Visby NAT, GKK 2012-08-25
Status: National
Cirneco dell’Etna
Judge: C-G Stafberg, group judge: George Schogol, Georgia
Champion class
Exc-1, BB-1, CACIB, BOB, BOG-2!
Comments: “Excellent head, nice details, lovely expression, excellent neck and topline. Good chest, good angulations. Moves very well. Nice legs and feet. Well coated.”


Visby INT, GKK 2012-08-26
Status: International

Cirneco dell’Etna
Judge: Göran Bodegård, group judge: Anita Whitmarsh
Champion class
Exc-1, BB-1, CACIB, BOB, Shortlisted!
Comments: “Beautiful, well built. Gorgeous head. Slightly thin lower jaw. Beautiful ears. Very stylish outlines. Good balance and angulations front and rear. Typical bone structure. Excellent moves from the side, a bit unfocused in frontmovement. Beautiful color and coat. Star Quality.”

Prazsky Krysarik
Judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren
Junior class
Exc-1, BM-1, CAC, BOB
Comments: V”Lovely junior male. Very good head. Enought length of snout. Strong ears. Neat bite. Lovely topline, good chest for the age. Moves very well from the side, not completely parallell in front. Could have a more distinct tan colour. Well carried tail. Well presented.”