Short version: 3 dog handlers/breeders/crazy people, 5 dogs, bags and stuff for a day at the Norwegian Winner shows – ALL stuffed in my little MINI COOPER! 3 o’clock in the morning, 450 km to go. Britzyk got carsick after 30 minutes, Stefan screamed in fear of imaginary horrors BUT we got there in time dispite the fact that the GPS stopped working so we missed an exit in Oslo. 🙂

It was a really crazy, awesome trip, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so mach and so hard in one day! 😀

Thank you Britzyk and Stefan!! Love ya both!

So, how about some results? =)

Lava had some really tough competition, a total of 9 cirnechi was entered, all very nice dogs.
She got Exc-1 in CH class, and in best bitch competition she won (even though I ran into the big pole in the side of the ring…).
So she got the title NORWEGIAN WINNER 2012!
And then she also won Best of Breed! Weeiii!!! 😀


In the group we got nothing, except some really nice comments afterwards and a great picture taken by Roger Sjölstad.

But big success for some of my friends in the group, and Ia’s Xolo WON! Big congrats!

After the finals, we cramped into the Cooper again, and hade the funniest ride home ever!  Home again just before midnight, felt like we had been gone for several days and couldn’t believe all we experienced in just 20 hours. Crazy is the word!


RESULTS Norwegian Winner show 2012
Status: International
Cirneco dell’Etna
Judge: Svein Helgesen, Norway

Champion class: Exc-1, BB-1, CACIB, BOB, NORWEGIAN WINNER 2012
Comments: “Beautiful representative for the breed. Excellent total and balance. Excellent head, nice proportions, well placed ears, feminine expression, excellent neck and topline, well bodied, very good rear, nice width of thigh, good angulations, free and stable movements.”

From Norwegian Winner Show 2012, posted by Maria Weinehall on 11/25/2012 (12 items)

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