We had a wonderful day together with friends at the charming surroundings of Ransäter Showground.
Another BIS-placement for our Breeders group! And BOB to Loki! *Happy*

Camilla, it was so nice to see you again, and congrats on CACIB for Pablo!
Thank you Britzyk and Lotta for helping me AGAIN. Love you!!!


Judge: Henrik Johansson

Junior class: Exc1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOB
“Excellent type. Handsome junior male. Nice proportions. Dry chiseled well cut head. Thin well shaped ears, correct jawline, beautiful topline, moderate angulations wich are balancing front and rear. Excellent color, coat. Nice feet.”

Junior class: Exc2, CK, BM-3
“Excellent type. Dry, square elegant junior male. Well chiseled head. Thin wellshaped ears. Can stabilize the topline. Balanced angulations. Moves parallell. Nice feet, beautiful coat and color.”

Junior class: Exc3
“Junior male with nice proportions. Noble, dry, elegant. Well chiseled head. Dry nice ears, nice eye color. Needs more stability in topline, more depth in chest. Good rear angulations, a bit straight upper arm, could have stronger pastern. Excellent coat. Would like to see more parallell movement in rear.”

Junior class: Exc1
“Dry, noble, square junior bitch. Dry well chiseled head. Dry well shaped ears. Nice eyes. Balanced angulations. Needs time to get deeper chest and stabilize the topline. Could have stronger pastern. Well carried tail in movement, beautiful color and coat.”

Breeders group-1, HP, BIS-2 (George Schogol, Georgia)
“Breed typical, very homogenous group. Dry, well chiseled heads.Excellent eyes, ears. Excellent coats, colors. Some variation in topline, movement. Congratulations to honorary award. A good breeder acquisition in a breed that probably has a small genepool.”