Wohooo! Back from another weekend with memories to treasure!!

We got excellent on the whole Elements-litter, and in the BIS Breeder, judged by renowned Kennet Edh, we WON! Another Best In Show Breeder for Lex Murphy! Weeei!
But that’s not all, Loki won BOB and in the Group finals he placed 4th!! Wohooo, what a day!! 😀

On sunday, Primo was entered in Ch-class and he did really well: Best Male-2!

Thank you Britzyk for helping me AGAIN. Love you!!!


Judge: Arvid Göransson

Junior class: Exc1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOB, BOG-4!
“Excellent head. Nice proportions and lines. Excellent ears, neck, topline and croup. Good filling of chest, good angulations front and rear. Moves excellent from all sides. Nice veining.”

Junior class: Exc2
“Could have a fuller lower jaw, otherwise beautiful head with nice lines, beautiful eyes, good ears. Good neck and topline. A bit tense in loin, good croup. Good filling of chest. Enough angulations in front and rear. Moves well, correctly set and fine. Nice veining.”

Junior class: Exc3
“Good head with a bit diverging lines, could have a fuller lower jaw. Good ears, nice topline towards a good croup. Good filling of chest. Enough angulations in front and rear. Good legs and feet. Nice veining. Moves well, correctly set and fine.”

Junior class: Exc1
“Beautiful head with nice proportions. Good neck and topline, steep croup. Good filling of chest. Enough angulations in front and thigh, a bit open angle on hock, otherwise nice legs, nice veins. Movement could be a bit freer.”

Breeders group-1, HP, BIS-2 (Kenneth Ed), 11 groups in BIS
“Breeders group of excellent quality, true to the breed standard concerning proportions, function, mentality. The group is an excellent result. The breeder is congratulated! Good luck in the future!”

Judge: Kurt Nilsson
Champion class: Exc-1, CK, BM-2
“Masculine with excellent head and expression. Big male. Good neck, good proportions, excellent chest, good angulations, good feet, good movement.”

“Lex Murphy BIS-1 Breedersgroup, and Loki (Lex Murphy Airborne Assault) BOB and 4th place in Best of Group!! Weeei! 😀
Photos from the group final: @[872180290:2048:Britzyk Bell]”

From Askersund NAT 2013, posted by Maria Weinehall on 8/12/2013 (13 items)

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