We had a lovely weekend in Västerås at the NAT Allbreed KC show!

After a totally chaotic trip to get there, we had a sunny day with lots of friends. Really nice results in the finals too!

Our results:

Junior males
Lex Murphy Walk On Water, LEO – Exc1, CK, BM1, CAC, BOS
“Good size, nice type. Good withers and coat. Lovely chest, angulation ok. Excellent movements.”
Lex Murphy Earthquake Effect, KEIRON – Exc2, CK, BM2, Res CAC
“Nice type. Excellent head. Good outlines. Excellent croup and tailset. Well angulated. In the movement a bit loose in front.”
Lex Murphy Airborne Assault, LOKI – VG3
“Excellent head and earset. Good neck and withers. Little long in loin. Good croup and tailset. Angulation ok. In the movement a bit narrow in front.”

Junior bitches
Lex Murphy Fight Fire With Fire, ELDA – Exc1, CK, BB2, CAC
“Excellent type and size. Lovely head and withers. Good coat. Excellent chest. Well angulated. In the movement a little bit narrow.”

Champion bitches
FDI SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH NORD UCH C.I.B* DK V-12 NORD V-11 NORD V-12 NO V-10 NO V-12 SE V-11 SE V-12 FI V-10 FI JV-10 Chininas Ursula Un Uragano Lieve, LAVA – Exc1, CK, BB1, BOB, BOG-4
“Excellent type and size. Lovely head and expression. Excellent neck and pleasant topline. Excellent angulations and strong muscles. Excellent movements.”

Progeny Group (Lava)
1, HP, Best In Show-2
“Very homogen and harmonic group. Excellent heads. Lovely bodys and good movements.”

Breeders group (Lex Murphy)
1, HP
“Very homogen group with excellent heads. Lovely bodys and good movements.”

As always, I would be NOTHING without my dear friends: Britzyk, Renata, Emelie: THANK YOU!! <3

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