Wohooo! What a day!
Primo had really tough competition, and I really didn’t think he would win the CAC agains the other males – BUT HE DID!!

He trotted his little butt off and got the well deserved blue and yellow rosette – wich gave him his championship! Our first LEX MURPHY-dog to be SE UCH! Weei! =)) <3

Here is his results:

Primo SE UCH

Primo SE UCH

Tvååker INT

Judge: B-Å Bogren, SE
Open class: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOB and SE UCH!
Comments: “Lovely male with lots of charisma, well shaped head, nice bite, lovely topline, strong back, enough forechest, good movement. Could have more distinct tan markings, well set tail, lovely temperament.”

But wait, there’s MORE! Summary of the whole weekend will be posted soon… 😉