Conclusion of the last month:

The Sighthound Yearbook is finally out!
Lava was most winning cirneco 2010 with her 13 BOB (competed from end of july!). There were also many pics in the titles gallery of both Keios and Lava. 🙂

May 7th Anders went by himself to a dogshow for the first time. He did great, and handled Lava and Keios to BOB and BOS with CERT (Lidköping NAT). Co-handler in BOB was Jenny Hall, thank you Jenny!
Meantime, I was in Prague together with Renata to participate in a huge event: World Krysarik Show 2011! More than 100 krysariks entered! We had a wonderful time, and our dogs did quite well. Zelda got the best result with V2 in winners class (excellent 2). Vilde did a great freestyle performance at the opening of the show. Check the results for comments.

14-15th of May, I went to 2 freestyle competitions with Vilde and Lava. Vilde wasn’t focused enough, lots of stops and no flow. So no good points at all there. But Lava did better, on sunday she got qualifiying points in class one, but we will stay there until we are ready for class 2. =)

And finally 21-22th of May: First a freestylecompetition in Falköping on saturday. It was a nice competition, but unfortunately our warm up was messed up due to several late cancellations and not enough info from the organizer/speaker. So we got the worst scores so far, but in Lava’s defense I have to say that she did excellent when we got the program rolling. And she is really starting to get the hang of it now! Looking forward to the next competition, wich isn’t until july 3rd in Borås.
On sunday we competed in Hässleholm INT. Keios took the BOB with CERT and his first CACIB! Lava was very tired, but still managed to get excellent and BB-2 with CACIB, and the judge said she couldn’t find any faults on her (?). =)
Check the results for all comments.