Today our puppies from the 7sins-litter becomes 8 weeks. Normally puppies at this age (in Sweden) are moving to their new homes, but I’m so glad that it’s still more than a week before the first 2 are leaving. And then its another week until the next 2 puppies leaves! =)

The names again:

Hard to Be Humble (Pride)
Let’s get it on (Lust)
Bring Home the Bacon (Gluttony)
Fierce N Furious (Wrath)
Can’t Get Enough (Greed)
I Snooze You Lose (Sloth)
I’m Hot You’re Not (Envy)

But here are some pics from the other day when Inka (owner of Lucky) came to visit:

“Cirneco dell’Etna puppies. Inka came to visit and these are just a few of the lovely photos we got. 🙂

@[522138129:2048:Inka Luomanmäki], @[1179707199:2048:Marjo Blomberg], @[100000472058967:2048:Mirka Försti], @[100001487853650:2048:Gabriel Valdez], @[1612536638:2048:Cathrine Karlsson], @[717073050:2048:Pauliina Kannisto]”

From 7sins-litter 8 weeks old!, posted by Maria Weinehall on 11/21/2013 (17 items)

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