Litter #2 – 6,5 weeks old

Have a look at our amazing puppies! Sooo cute!!

“Also starring: Lava – Vilde – Primo – Härja.

The Elements Litter:
Mr Black: Lex Murphy Walk on Water, “Leo”
Mr Purple: Lex Murphy Airborne Assault, “Loke”
Mr Yellow: Lex Murphy Earthquake Effect, “Grim”
Ms Red: Lex Murphy Fight Fire With Fire, “Elda”

(Callnames might change, of course) 😉

SE UCH NO UCH SE V-11 NO V-11 Nord W-10 NORD JW-10 Colombian Friend’s Golden Pepper
FDI SE UCH NO UCH SE V-11 NO V-11 Nord V-11 FI W-10 & FI JW-10 NO W-10 Helsinki W-10 Helsinki JW-10 Chininas Ursula Un Uragano Lieve

Born: 11.05.2012”

From CdE-puppies – 6,5 weeks, posted by Maria Weinehall on 6/25/2012 (77 items)

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