Today, May 11th, was delivery day! 

Lava’s temperature finally dropped on thursday evening. Then we had a long night of checking her regularily. On friday morning she didn’t want any food. Slowly the birth signs showed during the day.

Water broke at 19.28, and the first puppy was born at 20.03. Second puppy at 20.21 and the third at 20.35.  Then she rested fo 2 hours, and started pushing again. Puppy number 4 was born at 22.19, and the fifth at 22.42. Finally puppy number 6 was delivered at 22.52.

Puppy nr 1 2 3 4 5 6
Time of birth 20.03 20.21 20.35 22.19 22.42 22.52
Weight 334g 310g 317g 334g 293g 316g
Head/Rear first (H/R) H H R R R H
Gender male female male male female female

Sadly, puppy number five (ms Green) was weak, and had trouble breathing. Tried to suck out any fluids, but still she past away in just 2 hours.

All the other puppies are doing fine so far, but Lava is extremely tired.  
And so am I, therefore I’ll just end by showing the first pics of Lava & Keios puppies!