Lumo 1st SERT LC

Photo: Marjo Blomberg, knl Marisla’s

Lumo 1st SERT LC running

Photo: Pirjo Hostikka-Vuokare

Lumo (Photo: Marko Pessi)

Lumo (Photo: Marko Pessi)

Lumo (Lex Murphy Let’s Get It On) ran her second LC race and won AGAIN, this time with enough points (454) to win her first LC-CAC!! Yey! And she was also “Pohjois-Savon kennelpiirin mestari 2015”!

BIG CONGRATS and thanks to Marjo Blomberg, and congrats also to co-owner Inka! Sooo proud of our little girl! <3


And in nortern Sweden at Piteå INT show, our Marley (DKV14 DKJV14 NOJV14 Herbst Jugend SiegerLex Murphy Hard to be Humble 2014 Herbst Sieger 2014 Jugend Bundessieger 2014 Lex Murphy Hard To Be Humble) was perfectly shown by Mirka as usual and won another BOB, CAC and CACIB, and got this lovely comment from the judge: “Best dog I’ve seen all day”. 😀
Thanks and congrats Mirka! <3