Loke, Leo and Elda was entered in baby class at SÄKK’s autumn match show.
BOB-puppy was again won by Loke, and ELDA BOS. Leo 2nd with HP.
Loke also was Best of Group-2!!

And also today, at “Gröngölingen”, Britzyk showed our dear Keiron to BOB-puppy and Best of Group-4!!

We are SO proud of our well-behaving darlings!

Results and judges comments:
Puppy 4-6 months: 1st place, HP, BOB, Group-2
“Excellent total, very beautiful head & expression. Perfect ears. Well bodied for age. Good chest. Well angulated. Very good coat, beautiful clour. Moves well, very well presented.”

Puppy 4-6 months: 2nd place, HP
“Excellent total, beautiful head and expression. Well bodied for age. Well angulated. Good tail. Very good coat, colour. Well presented. Very nice temperament.”

Puppy 4-6 months: 1st place, HP, BOS
“Excellent total. Very well balanced. Well bodied, well angulated. Enough chest. Beautiful head and expression. Beautiful coat and clour. Moves well.”

Puppy 4-6 months: 1st place, HP, BOB, Group-4
“Soon to be 5 months old malepuppy with elegant beautiful head. Puppyteeth. Nice ears he needs to grow into. Beautiful long neck. Nice body for his age. Well angulated overall. Nice legs and paws. Moves very good from all sides. Lovely temperament. Well presented.

Some pics from the day: