What a great weekend!
Started off at Vallentuna INT, same judge for Primo as last weekend in Hässleholm, so I wasn’t surpriced about the result: Exc-2 (same opponent too). 

Then it was Keios turn in the ring, I was very nervous to show for the Italian judge Paolo Dondino, but he really loved Keios. Loved the comment “houndy looking”. Keios training is starting to pay off, he’s stretching out much more now, and his gait was great! 🙂
Keios beat the lovely Nizze (Abuluka Kapo), and then it was BOB-competition against Salina (Sikania Salina), who the judge really loved by type, but Keios took the win this time! BOB + CACIB. 😀

After the show we went to Renata, and Keios got to play with the Cattledog-girls Trillian and Rizla. They got along perfectly.
Then we had pizza and watched the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest), which Sweden won with the song “Euphoria” !!
I had both  Keios and Primo in bed at night, wich is such a big step for them. They have been very sceptical to each other since Primo’s testosterone levels began to rise (more about puppy development here), but these trips we’ve done the last weekends have been excellent for them both.

So, after a good night’s sleep, we went to Österbybruk INT. I was a bit stressed, because Primo and Keios was scheduled about the same time in different rings. Things worked out in the end though, and Keios was first out.
Trotting even better  today and really showing himself, he first got excellent and CK, and then he won best male with CACIB! BM-2 was Nizze, and BM-3 was Prinz. Two girls today, and best bitch was won by Kita (Abuluka Kita, sister to Nizze), who won her first CAC, and BB-2 was Salina with CACIB.
Keios then won BOB against Kita.

So, time for Primo. He was the only male, and there were 4 girls entered. Primo got excellent comments (see below), but the best parts was after the judging, when the judge said “He’s REALLY nice…we need more of those!” This is a judge that I really respect concerning knowledge about the breed prazsky krysarik, so you could imagine my happiness! 😉
Primo BM-1, CK and his 2nd CAC!
The females was won by a champion bitch, and she was also BOB, Primo BOS. 😀

Keios got nothing in the group, but we where happy anyway and began our long drive home…


Results and comments:

Vallentuna INT, 2012-05-26


Judge: Paolo Dondina, IT
Class: Champion
Result: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CACIB, BOB!
Comments: Right size, excellent houndy looking with beautiful head and expression. Fine bones, excellent laid down shoulder and topline, good croup and set of tail. Moves well, well presented.


Judge: Leif-Ragnar Hjort, NO
Class: Junior
Result: Exc-2
Comments: Excellent type, a bit high, well shaped head, correct bite, good neck ang angulations. Well developed chest. Good muscles. Good coat and colour. Moves very well. Typical temperament.


Österbybruk INT, 2012-05-27


Judge: Michael Leonard, IRL
Class: Champion
Result: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CACIB, BOB!
Comments: A very nice example of the breed. I like the shape and the size. Lovely outline. Strong masculine head, correct ears. Very good topline. Moved well behind. My only critisism is that the fron movement could be stronger.



Judge: Hans Almgren
Class: Junior
Result: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOS!
Comments: Appealing proportions between height and length. Just right length of nose. Beautiful pearshape of the head. Excellent stop, powerful jaws, excellent bite, strong teeth. Dry neck, good structure, straight front legs . Strong back, excellent angulations, dense coat, collected paws. Excellent expression that is enhanced by the placement of the ears. Separated tan markings. Moves with a good stride, good reach.



“Photos: Yvonne Adolfsson”

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