Lovely weekend at the Strömsholm castle ground. On saturday it was a club specialty (Pharaoh/Cirneco club). Tesla was BOB out of 5 Cirnechi, and BIS2 against the Pharaoh. Bacon and Tesla won BIS1 Brace! Loki competed in unofficial Rally Obediance (awarding allowed) and did very very well!
Minou borrowed Kit for child w. dog competition, and I think she thought it was fun. =)

On Sunday at the big Specialty Show, Tesla was again BOB (9 entered CdE), and Bacon BOS. Loki was BM2, Marley BM3 and Apan (LM I Snooze You Lose) Exc-4 in Ch class – congrats Cathrine & Mathias, Apan is really looking fantastic! =) We also were Best Breeder and Best Progeny Group.
In the finals, Tesla was the very LAST dog to be dismissed except the four placed dogs, soooo close!!!
And our progeny group was BIS3! 😀
But the best part of the day was watching Mirka’s daughter Michelle compete in Child w. Dog with Loki. They placed 3rd in super tough competition!! Well done!!! <3
A million thanks to Mirka and her kids for staying through the finals, you are the BEST!!! <3 😀

Here are some pics from the weekend, first the club specialty on Saturday:

Michelle and Loki in Child with Dog:

Sighthound Summer Show on Sunday: