Lassie Dar minulosti

Härja was born 2010-04-28 in Czech Rep. at the kennel Dar minulosti.
She carries a legacy of the krysarik breed that is so precious to me, since she is cousin to Vilde. But her pedigree is also filled with other excellent krysariks.

Thank you Kamila, for having faith in me! Härja is the spitting image of her mother Cílinka, wich is my favourite krysarik of all! (except my own ones of course) 😉
She will be shown sparingly, she really enjoys cuddling at home a lot more.
She has the same super mentality as Vilde, just tons of energi on top of it.

We will do our best to own up to her legacy!

Härja is the mother of our “Legacy”-litter: Vilja