Keios had his first chance to finish his title at the sighthound specialty in Köping on saturday 25th of February.
Judge was Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen from Finland.

Champion class
Exc-1, BB-1, BOB
Comments: Elegant bitch, muscular and slim. Good head, eyes and ears. Long neck. A bit steep shoulder and upper arm. Good topline, deep enough chest with good volume. Well angulated in rear. Beautiful colour. Light movement.

Open class
Exc-1, BM-1, CAC, BOS
Comments: A compact male of good size. Muscular and slim. Good head, beautiful eyes. Good ears, long neck, a bit steep shoulder and upper arm. Adequate depth of chest. Good rear assembly and angulations, slightly curved topline in movement. Parallel movement.
–> SE UCH and NO UCH!!

Lava was great in the BIS final, maybe ran a liiiitle bit too fast… 😉
She’s so happy now, it’s been a while since the last show in December.
Next show is Malmö INT, 17-18/3.