Köping, SvVK Sighthound Specialty, 2013-03-17

Great day at the specialty! BIS3-junior, BIS-1 Progeny group and BIS-2 Breeders Group!


Breedjudge: Tim Finney, IRL

Junior males:
Lex Murphy Airborne Assault – Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOB-junior, BOS, BIS-3 Junior!
“Nice quality, balanced construction, quite good head and eye, good arched neck into excellent shoulder, good bone and feet, good topline. Would like a little more hind angulation. Sound mover coming and going”
Lex Murphy Earthquake Effect – VG-4
“Quite good head and eye, good reach of heck into good shoulder, upright upper arm, slack in pastern, rise over loin too high. rather long from hip to hock, movement sound coming and going.”
Lex Murphy Walk on Water – Exc-3
“Nicely made dog, fair head, little fine in muzzle, good forehand, well boned, nice feet, good body and topline, nicely balanced hindquarters. Very true up and down, cover ground well in profile.”

Junior Bitches:
Lex Murphy Fight Fire with Fire – VG-1
“Nice overall proportions. Good head, good shoulders and nice over loin, not so good front feet, otherwise a nice bitch who moves well.”

Champion bitches:
Chininas Ursula Un Uragano Lieve – Exc-1, CK, BB-1, BOB
“Nice quality bitch 3 years old. Excellent head, medium angulation in front, nice bend of pastern and good feet. Nice moderate arch to loin, balanced hind quarters. Extremely good mover, covering the ground very well. Very true up and down.”

Progeny Group:
FDI SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH NORD UCH C.I.B* DK V-12 NORD V-11 NORD V-12 NO V-10 NO V-12 SE V-11 SE V-12 FI V-10 FI JV-10 Chininas Ursula Un Uragano Lieve

– PG Best of Breed, BIS-1
“Generally nice type, good proportions, good quality in the heads. Uniform, good movement in profile. Nice typical ears, held well. Excellent type generally.”

Breeders Group:
Lex Murphy – BG Best of Breed, BIS-2
“Same remarks as for the Progeny Group. Nice to see a straight front, nice feet with one exception, nice side view, showing good spring of rib, strong loin.”