Shame on me! Since I didn’t get any photos from this show, I totally forgot to post the results!

This was a great day. I only had Elda, Lava and Loki entered.
The judge was very happy with all the mentality of my dogs, that they are so positive and forward. But Elda was a bit shy today, not towards the judge, but when we moved around the ring. So Elda didn’t get CK today, but both Loki and Lava did.

In BOB/BOS, Loki WON!!! Weei!!
Lava haven’t been beaten in the breed for 1,5 years, and when she finally is defeated, it’s by her own son! I was SO proud!! 😀

Thank you Renata for the help today! <3 <3 <3


Judge: Agnes Kertes-Ganami

Junior class: Exc1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOB
“On the upper size, Quality dog. Very typical head and correct body. A little straight in shoulder. Good pigment of the coat. Confident and moving well.”

Junior class: Exc1
“Too puppylike yet, correct proportions height/body length, correct head. Correct angulation. Confident, doesn’t show yet in movement.”

Champion class: Exc1, CK, BB-1, CACIB, BOS
“Champion quality, excellent in outline, correct head, good ears, well built body, correct tail carriage, shows good temperament and fluent movement.”