We had a great and sunny springday in Denmark!

Our youngsters got excellent critiques in the breed judging (all got Exc and Loke and Elda also got CK), our groups got HP and in the finals Lava won Best In Show-2 Progeny Group! Wohooo!!

Thank you judges Annette Bystrup and Torbjörn Skaar for appreciating our dogs, and congrats to Yvonne and Nizze (BOS, CAC, CACIB) and Lennart, Marianne, Spilla and Salina (BOB, CAC, CACIB)!

Biggest thanks to Britzyk, Jonna and Stina – without you there would be nothing! <3

Congrats also to Britzyk and her  lovely minpin Loka, who won BOB and earned her Danish Championship!

And congrats to Stina and Pernilla – Their Krysariks Henri and Nea won BOB and BOS with CAC’s = DK and Nordic Championships!! Weei!

AND big congrats to all friends who had big success in the finals!!


Judge: Annette Bystrup, DK

Junior class: Exc-1, CK, BM-2, R-CAC
“11 months, masculine well balance total, lovely happy temperament, exc expressive head with parallell planes, well placed and well carried ears, correct moderate stop, scissor bite, strong teeth, well carried tail, exc depth of chest, correct moderate angulations, short and shiny coat, free and harmonic movement, keeping his topline straight.”

Junior class: Exc-3
“Masculine, 11 month, well proportioned, lovely type, exc expressive head, correct high carried ears, parallell planes, strong teeth in correct scissor bite, lovely neck, acceptable topline a bit tense in movement, correct moderate depth of chest, fitting moderate angulations, short and shiny coat, a bit steep croup, well carried tail, still a bit “young” in the front movement, but fitting for age, could wish for a bit more drive in rear.”

Junior class: Exc-2
“Masculine, well proportioned, harmonic total. Correct moderate angulations, correct moderate depth of chest, lovely neck and topline, a bit tipped forward in the front, lovely temperament, well proportioned head with correct high carried well placed ears, strong teeth in scissor bite, well set and carried tail, short and shiny coat, moves with excellent drive, still a bit “young” in the front movement, but fitting for age.”

Junior class: Exc-2, CK, BB-3
“Feminine 11 month, well balanced and well proportioned head, excellent short and shiny coat, well carried ears, excellent proportions, correct scissorbite, correct light underjaw, correct moderate depth of chest, lovely neck and topline, correct moderate angulations, well carried tail, moves with excellent drive, still a bit “young” in the front.”

Progeny Group-1 and HP, BIS-2
“A lovely mother with her offsprings, 11 month puppies, who shows distinct gender characteristics, lovely heads, excellent temperament. The mother has given excellent type to her offsprings, all are showing elegant ears, lovely beautiful and tight lines. A female who has clearly given through.”

Breeders Group-1 and HP
“Lovely group of dogs, all showing clear gender characteristics, lovely temperaments, excellent sizes, moves fitting for age, many lovely breed typical details, especially the moderate basic details. A breeder who knows what she’s doing and can be proud of it“.