Last weekend we went to one of the biggest puppy-shows in Sweden (up to 12 months) with the CdE/Elements-litter.
The annual puppy show in Hässleholm’s dome “Qpolen” is a super nice 2-day show. Excellent practice for our young ones in good competition for great judges. Entry this year was almost 700 dogs, and group 5 was judged on Saturday.

Our judge was Agneta Kappers (kennel Kapriol), who actually has a lot of knowledge about the breed, judged Cirneco abroad as well and funny thing: She was the judge when Lava was at this show 3 years ago (and she did predict a bright future for Lava).

I was really looking forward to this weekend since we had the best opportunity to practice for upcoming breeders group competition: They have “Siblings Class” at Qpolen. 🙂

Lotta Engström Sundberg helped me out in the breed judging by showing Leo, Britzyk showed Keiron of course and I showed Loki.
All of the boys got lovely comments from the judge, who was so pleased with their homogeneity and type.
Loki was best male, Leo second, and Keiron third. But the judge pointed out very clearly that Keiron is a really excellent Cirneco: the head, his proportions, the front, angulations, his movement etc, but that he is a little bit thin and that affects the overall impression. (IMHO Keiron has the best proportions and angulations in the litter, so I was sooo pleased to hear that). So, bootcamp (foodcamp) for Keiron. 🙂

Then it was time for the girls. Elda had excellent competition through lovely Spilla dell’Ovo, but I was really happy when the judge placed Elda first!
All our CdE’s got Honorary Awards too (HP)!
Then Loki won BOB and Elda BOS.

For the Siblings Class (three dogs from the same litter) we chose to show the boys. The group got such a great review! I can only wish that we can get something similar at an official show some day. (You can read all the comment cards further down in this post).

While waiting for the finals we took some time to practice running together just me and Britzyk and the whole litter, and I also tried to run with all four on one hand. It started out like chaos, but they are such quick learners and I think they did really good in the end. 🙂

My dear friend Jonna was supposed to come and help with showing in the Siblings Class finals, but they moved up the finals so she couldn’t make it. A quick decision was made: I would take a chance and run with the boys on one hand instead.
And surprise: They behaved PERFECTLY! And they where the only group showed by one handler… 😉
To our delight, the judge Fredrik Nilsson first shortlisted us to a top 6 (around 20 groups attended), and then placed us BIS-2!! Wohooo! 😀 😀 😀

And in the group final,( judged also by Agneta Kappers), Loki WON!! Wohooo again!!! 😀

That meant that I had to stay over night since the BIS-final took place on Sunday, and of course Jonna opened her door to us. Thank you!! <3 <3 <3

On Sunday I had great fun with Keiron, I just looooove him. His movement is parallel to none other, and I can’t get enough of his sweet nature. <3 Thank you Britzyk for letting me run around like a maniac with him! ;D

Time for the Best In Show, judged by Pia Lundgren.
There was some really great dogs to compete against: A lovely Bracco Italiano, Scottish Deerhound, Tibetan Spaniel, the Dobermann and others, but these 4 was placed, with the Tib as BIS-1.
So, Loki did a good job and behaved like a pro, but was placed together with the others on the mutual 5th place.

A great weekend full of promises of a bright future came to an end. The long drive home felt like minutes, whilst driving light hearted. 😀

I can’t thank everyone involved enough, this weekend gave some really great memories to treasure!

Judges Comments:

Loki (LEX MURPHY Airborne Assault):
“Appealing male, levely proportions, beautiful head, lovely neck, excellent top – and underline. Adequate angulations in rear.  Moves with a light and elegant stride.”

Keiron (LEX MURPHY Earthquake Effect):
“Male with very nice lines. Good head and expression. Nice neck, lovely topline, a bit weak pastern. Good chest. Very nice movements from the side. For the day a bit thin affecting the overall impression.”

Leo (LEX MURPHY Walk on Water):
“Very appealing male. Nice play of the lines with lovely proportions. Good top- and underline. Good front and rear assembly. Moves a bit unstable from front and back, excellent from the side.”

Elda (LEX MURPHY Fight Fire with Fire):
“An elegant appealing bitch. Excellent proportions. Beautiful head and expression. Good front and rear assembly. A bit weak pastern. Good movement.”

And the Siblings Group (Leo, Loki, Keiron):
“3 males from a litter of 4. Very homogeneous and with clear gender characteristics. All through nice bodies and excellent proportions. Moves well. The type is a model for the breed.
Congratulations on a nice litter!”

*I’m so proud!!*