Our dogs continue to amaze me!
These 4 days of competition has been so great I don’t even know how to describe it.

MyDog is one of the biggest Nordic dogshows, this year it was around 8000 dogs entered for the two INT shows, spanning over 4 days.

Prazsky Krysarik was judged onThursday and Friday, And Cirneco dell’Etna on Saturday and Sunday.

On Wednesday, my friends Jonna, Renata and Angelica and their dogs came to stay at our house (we only live 40 min’s from the show), and on thurday Jonna’s Zipper was BOB and Renata’s Hugo was BM-2 with CAC! Congrats!

Johanna B also came with us to the house for the night and we had a nice evening with taco’s and a movie.

On Friday morning we went to the show again, and the results were great in tough competition (17 PK entered): VILJA was BOS-puppy!! And the adults: Zipper BOB, Fjollan (Jonnas and Davids junior bitch) was BOS with CAC, PRIMO was BM-2 with CAC (!!!), Xet (Jonnas junior male) was BM-3 and Hugo (Renatas male) was BM-4! 😀

Happiness in the car going back home again for some rest, and recharging for the CdE’s weekend.
Renata helped show the puppies. 🙂

On Saturday one of my favorite judges were assigned to CdE: Arne Foss. He was very happy with all of the CdE’s and results was: Loke BOB-puppy, Elda BOS-puppy, Leo 2nd in class w. HP. Lava was BOB with CACIB, and Yvonne’s Nizze was BOS.

I also had some quality time with Keiron who was working with Britzyk in the ProPlan booth. <3

But the day didn’t end there: In the puppy Best in Show, LOKE was SHORTLISTED in competition with over 65 other puppies! Wohooo!  😀
(Lava was also shortlisted once in puppy-BIS, at the Elmia Triple Show, so that’s a really good sign…) 😉
Thank you Renata, Gaby and Angelica and Britzyk for the best cheering!!! <3 Loke had the biggest support for sure!

Nothing in the Group 5 for Lava, who was very tired and freezing (pre-judging started an hour before the final so she was really not at her best when we got into the main ring).

Back home again, now with Britzyk and Keiron too, for some pizza and movies.

Sunday: Final day of MyDog, and the last time in puppy class for our CdE’s!
Never showed for the judge before, but to my surprise and joy, he had lots of knowledge about the breed and he was SUPER nice with both dogs and handlers: Gabriel Valdez from Colombia!

Loke first judged, and what great comments! The judge really liked Elda as well, but Leo didn’t get HP. Loke BOB-puppy and Elda BOS-puppy.
And Lava, she was amazing. The judge couldn’t help but smile when she entered the ring – she was truly at her best.
Lovely words and superlatives from the judge and BOB w. CACIB. 🙂

And now for the last finals of MyDog INT:
In Best in Show-Puppy, amazing and hard to believe: LOKE was BIS-Puppy-4!!!!! WoHooooooo!!!! 😀
-What a great new experience and happiness as a breeder to hear your own kennelname over the loudspeakers! 🙂
And of course: the ROAR of the crowd (Renata and Britzyk) hihi 😉

And Lava wasn’t so bad either, she was shortlisted to Top-7 in a really tough group!!

If I could wish for more this weekend, it would be for a slower clock so that: I’d had time to talk to all friends for longer, cuddle with Keiron more, walk instead of run between the rings and enjoy the moments for longer. 😉

Thank you all involved in making this weekend fabulous, and NOW I wish the clock could speed up instead so we can meet again soon!!! <3


MyDog INT Friday 
Prazsky Krysarik, judge: Nils Molin
Puppy class: 1st place + HP, BOS-puppy
Comments: “Feminine expression, acceptable snout, wish for a more prominent underjaw. Beautifull topline, good angulations, high front movement, a bit long in the loins.”

Intermediate: Exc-2, CK, BM-2, CAC
Comments: “A very promising youngster on the bigger side. Well constructed. Beautiful masculine expression, moves very well, beautiful colors.” 


MyDog INT Saturday
Cirneco dell’Etna, judge: Arne Foss, BIS-puppy: Benny Blid von Schedvin
Puppy class: 1st place, HP, BOB-puppy, SHORTLISTED in puppy BIS!
Comments:  “A very appealing male puppy of high quality. Good proportions, excellent gender characteristics, very beautiful head and expression, good ears, typical underjaw, harmonic. Excellent topline, good legs and feet, very good movement, excellent coat and temperament. Very well presented, stands very good on his legs.”

Puppy class: 2nd place, HP
Comments:  “Good size and total. Appealing puppy. Excellent head, typical ears, good expression. OK chest, good legs and feet good topline, good coat, excellent temperament. Positive movement. Very well presented. A nice male. Typical tail.”

Puppy class: 1st place, HP, BOS-puppy
Comments:  “Super-feminine, nice outline, correct proportions, very appealing shape of head, nice expression, well carried ears. Still a bit weak pastern, excellent top- and underline, good side movements, a bit high lift in front. Excellent coat and temperament. Very well presented, very promising.”

Champion class: Exc-1, CK, BB-1, CACIB, BOB
Comments:  “A very appealing bitch of high quality. Very prominent without exaggerations. Beautiful feminine head, nice expression, well carried ears. Excellent legs and feet, beautiful topline, very nice movement. In super condition, good coat, excellent temperament, nice tail, very well presented. A super bitch!”


MyDog INT Sunday
Cirneco dell’Etna, judge: Gabriel Valdez, BIS-puppy: Ann-Christine Johansson, Group 5: C-G Stafberg
Puppy class: 1st place, HP, BOB-puppy, Puppy BEST IN SHOW-4!!!
Comments:  Perfect dog for this breed. Fantastic head. Beautiful ears. Perfect angles. Beautiful both standing and floating around the ring.”

Puppy class: 2nd place
Comments:  “Lovely puppy. Nice head. Sound body. Elegant type.”

Puppy class: 1st place, HP, BOS-puppy
Comments:  “Very elegant and refined. Beautiful head. Perfect body construction. Elegant neck. Wonderful silhouette. Clear moving coming and going.”

Champion class: Exc-1, CK, BB-1, CACIB, BOB, SHORTLISTED in the group!
Comments:  “The most beautiful female I’ve ever seen in this breed. Perfect elegant style and silhouette. Absolutely close to standard in general. Fabulous condition.”