Complete results with comments and pics further down in this post.

What a crazy morning!!
We went to Malmö on friday evening, picking up Jimmie on the way. Got there about 1AM. We got up at 7, and thinking that we had parked close to the arena, left the caravan at 8. What a mistake! The queue was 800 meters long!!! Terrible!
Luckily we got the tip to go around the building to a side door, where the queue was a bit shorter. Once inside, we told the organizer about their huge problem (queue was now 1km long, according to people coming in), and they had just decided to push the entire show forward 30 minutes. It’s so strange that this specific organizer ALWAYS seem to have this problem, and never seem to learn…

Anyways, finally inside, we went to one of our rings to set up some stuff, and then to the other ring. Because we had a huge problem this time: Cirneco and Krysarik had the same starting time! Primo had no 2 and Härja no 13 in their ring and Keios & Lava had 12 and 15 in THEIR ring! Gaaah!
So, Anders stayed at the Cirneco ring, Jimmie was ready to show Keios if necessary, and Anders was to prepare the dogs leashes and hold dogs not in the ring.
Good plan! 😉

So, Primo first out. Behaved well, moved great, but was beaten by the other male puppy. Still, honorary Award (HP) and excellent comments (see comments further down in this post).

Went to the cirneco ring to leave Primo with Anders and check the progress. That ring was a little behind, so there was still a possibility that I would have time to show Härja and then Lava & Keios. Anders would call me on the phone when the breed before the cirnechi was done.

Went back to the krysarik ring, and prepared Härja. She was in great condition and very happy. Felt good.
Time for judging. Everything went fine UNTIL she was on the table. Suddenly I could not recognize her! She was really anxious and didn’t show herself at all. Back on the ground again, she was still very stressed and didn’t want to keep her tail up. Movement was terrible, she looked over her shoulder all the time. She still got VG (very good), and placed 2nd in the class.

After leaving the ring, i suddenly understood: Last time on a table was at the vet’s, for the PL-test. She thinks the vet is scary, and I could not be more ashamed of myself for not practicing on the table before the show. Poor Härja!
Well, I feel that I know what the problem is, and for the next show she will be more prepared.

Just as I realized this, the mobile rang, time to RUN!
Crossing the arena for what, the 8th time? =) And  reached the ring just as they called for the cirneco puppy.

Got in the ring with Keios in champion class, together with another male, Prinz. Keios behaved perfectly and was BM-1 with CACIB.
Gongrats to Prinz for res-CACIB!

Lennart showed his and Marianne’s Salina to Exc-1 and CK in intermediate class, and Lava (very tired and not herself at all, she never likes to wake up before 11…) also got CK in the champion class. In best bitch, Lava took the win with CACIB. Big congrats to Salina for her BB-2 with CAC and res-CACIB!!

In Best of Breed, Jimmie showed Keios very well, but Lava was the strongest and was BOB. *phew* Happiness, since she now will have a break from the showring for a while. ;))

I also helped a friend (Britzyk) to show a breeders group of Miniature Pinchers, and we did it! Best Breeder!
And then Jimmie was BOB with his super cute Ebba!

In the finals we got nothing though. But congrats to all friends amazing results: Ia for a BIS-2 puppy and shortlisted in group 5 as well (mexican hairless), to Jimmie who was shortlisted with Ebba (griffon belge), to Emma for Group 4 with the Basenji Johnny, Helena and Cay for shortlisting in group 10, Agneta K for Group WIN with her whippet, Ray for group 3rd with his Mr Moon (scottish deerhound), Micke & Fredrik for another Group-1st (pom). And of course Jonna F, Jenny/Jocke, Jessica S, Monika W, Stina P etc etc (sorry if I forgot any, there was so many friends with great results) for BOB’s and BOB-puppys today. You all do amazing work with your dogs!

Movie from the finals (all finals):

After the show we rewarded ourselves with take away from LEMONGRASS!! Aaaaah, best food in southern sweden for sure… 😀
And then we drove back home. 🙂


COMPLETE RESULTS for our dogs:

Judge: Arne Foss
Class: Puppy
Result: BM puppy-2, HP
Comments: Masculine very nice shape of head, nice eyes, correct bite, a bit undeveloped in front, fitting structure, good feet, good side movements. Excellent temperament.

Judge: Arne Foss
Class: Intermediate
Result: VG-2
Comments: Feminine, good size and total. Feminine head, shoulder a bit forward, short ribcage, moves quite well, a bit high front legs, very friendly, a bit insecure.

Judge: Horst Klebenstein
Class: Champion
Result: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CACIB, BOS
Comments: Correct size and colour, well outformed head, correct carried ears, beautiful neck, strong back, good tailset, chest well outformed, breed typical movement.

Judge: Horst Klebenstein
Class: Champion
Result: Exc-1, CK, BB-1, CACIB, BOB
Comments: Big elegant bitch with beautiful outformed head, well carried ears, long dry neck, even back, good tailset, chest formed correct deep, movement on behind ok, in front a little uncontrolled.