What a great weekend again!
Last weekend, Marley was BOB in Västerås (no photos unfortunately).

But this weekend held even more sucess: On friday, Apan ran his last licens run, and is now licensed to compete in Lure Coursing!!  😮 And he ran against Marley, who ran his first license run! I’m super proud and happy, big thanks and congrats to the owners Cathrine & Mathias and of course Mirka & family!

On Saturday, Apan went to a Match Show and was BOB and then Best in Group!! 😀 😀 Big congrats again!!! <3

And sunday continued in the same style: Marley BOB with CACIB at Lidköping INT. Congrats dear Mirka to another win! 😀 <3 BOS was Keiron’s daughter Kacey. Congrats to the owner/breeder Britzyk! =D
And to finish the weekend with a bang: Got message from Finland that KIRO was BOB with CAC & CACIB and with that he is now Finnish and Swedish CHAMPION! 😀 😀 😀
BIG congrats to owners Pauliina & Jarkko! BOS was beautiful Sienna, half sister to Kiro’s litter, bred and owned by my dear friend Inka, congratulations! <3

I’m such a proud and grateful breeder!!! <3

Thank you Christian Magnusson for the LC pics!