Our third litter was born on June 11th, almost a week early.

The puppies where very, very small: birth weight was 56, 46 and 39 (!) grams.
The smallest one (a boy) didn’t gain any weight and on the third morning he did not wake up.
The other boy gained a few grams the first days, but then stopped gaining weight, and has been on 55-56 grams for a week now.
We are not very hopeful that he will survive, but you never know… It’s amazing and a bit scary that he is still alive.

The girl was the biggest one at birth, but 56 grams is still very small for a krysarik (normal is 80-120 grams).
After one week she had grown to 150 grams, and by now she is well over 220 grams!
She is gorgeous, looks very much like her mother did at the same age.

I have been reluctant to make this post, since we still fight for the second boy’s life, but I know many of you are wondering what happened with Härja’s expected litter. Please keep your fingers crossed for our babies. 

Some pics of Härja and her babies: