As some of you might remember, Keiron and Britzyk went to Spain in February and won 2 JCAC’s then. To complete Keiron’s (and Lex Murphy’s) first title, they went back to the annual show in Madrid in May 25th, where the obligatory CAC had to be won to earn the Spanish champion title. This also applies to the junior title!

Of course we were all excited and a bit nervous, but “Keiron the Conqueror” did it again! 😀

The Judge Rafael Garcia Parrondo awarded Best Junior, Best of Breed and JCAC to Keiron, and by that he will now be known as ES JCh Lex Murphy Earthquake Effect!! Our first homebred champion! WE ARE SO PROUD!! 😀

Thank you Britzyk for giving Keiron these wonderful opportunities, and CONGRATULATIONS to your first Cirneco champion!!! <3 <3 <3