Last weekend we went to sunny Hälsingland (my “homeland”), to show Primo for a good krysarik judge. The travel took 10 hrs, but well worth it since I got to meet my beloved mom, her sister and kids.
At the show, sadly Primo was jumped by other dogs no less than SEVEN times! The worst was a staffordshire bullterrier that got loose, but it ended well after all since I managed to pull Primo up from the ground with the leash. But it was soo scary in hindsight!  👿

Anyways, we got great comments from the judge (who was the same judge that gave Zelda her SE UCH two years ago!), and afterwards he said that I could just go and put Primo in his car in the parkinglot, haha! I love when judges are relaxed and joke around a bit. 😀 

Also, we want to give Primo a little late “Happy Birthday”, since he turned 1 year on June 27th. 🙂


Judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren
Class: Junior
Result: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOB
Comments: Very appealing male, lovely head in development, fitting eye colour, good stop and foreface, sufficient underjaw, well placed ears with sufficient strength, lovely topline, enough body for the age, free movement, not completely parallell in front, a bit sooty tan markings, well presented.